Know-how, service and discretion

Elisabeth Rauscher Elisabeth Rauscher
Elisabeth Rauscher

I have a good eye for property. I am able to see what makes it unique and can convey this to people who share my appreciation of the extraordinary.

Mag. Kordula Oberhauser Mag. Kordula Oberhauser
Mag. Kordula Oberhauser
First contact and back office

As the first point of contact for enquiries, every day I dedicate myself to our customers with absolute commitment and an extra dose of passion. I ensure that all the processes around real estate brokerage work smoothly and that you are 100 percent satisfied.

Peter Scharfetter Peter Scharfetter
Peter Scharfetter
Real estate consultant

I made my passion for real estate my profession. I have spent 10 successful years in real estate. My specialty is property valuation and market value analysis."

Mag. jur. Corinna Karatzounis-Auer Mag. jur. Corinna Karatzounis-Auer
Mag. jur. Corinna Karatzounis-Auer
Real estate consultant

My clients benefit from the 25 years of experience I have in bank management. When property-hunting I draw on this know-how combined with a good knowledge of people and their individual personalities and wishes.

Thomas Feichtinger Thomas Feichtinger
Thomas Feichtinger
Real estate consultant

My professional success builds on empathy and competence, and when combined with comprehensive knowledge of the real estate business, allows me to find the right properties for discerning clients.

Sabine Reitsperger Sabine Reitsperger
Sabine Reitsperger
Real estate consultant

What you like doing, you do well! I thrive on realising dream homes – thereby finding exactly THE property my client is looking for. My clients can feel that I love what I do, and in return give me their trust.

Andrea Geiger Andrea Geiger
Andrea Geiger
Real estate consultant

I began my training to become a property expert and real estate agent in Munich when I was 18. My clients appreciate my comprehensive knowledge, passion and focus.

Maria Reiter Maria Reiter
Maria Reiter
Real estate consultant

All the efforts I make for my clients are guided by many years’ experience and real sensitivity. Clients benefit from my enthusiasm and the genuine pleasure I put into every moment of my brokerage work.

Rupert Kaufels Rupert Kaufels
Rupert Kaufels
Real estate consultant

I can move mountains on demand! As an expert in new property developments, I enjoy realising my clients’ dreams from an empty green plot down to the very last exclusive design detail.

Karin Scheiblbrandner Karin Scheiblbrandner
Karin Scheiblbrandner
Real estate consultant

My wide-ranging experience and specialist knowledge are major assets for my clients. I’m extremely well-connected, and always happy to use those good contacts in ways benefitting my clients. There’s a very special place in my heart for Salzburg in particular, and for the charming communities surrounding the City of Mozart.

Stefan Kendlbacher Stefan Kendlbacher
Stefan Kendlbacher
Project development

Over the many years I have been in the company, I have specialised in property usage and development. Professional consultation and excellent care of our property development partners ensures mutual success.

Claudia Gollner Claudia Gollner
Claudia Gollner
Finance & Controlling

As the person responsible for Finances and Controlling”, I provide our management with important figures as the necessary basis of strategic decision-making for our company.

Pamela Pancis Pamela Pancis
Pamela Pancis
Home Styling and virtual tours

I present real estate in the best light. My great flair for designing living rooms helps me make the ambiance tangible in 360-degree tours, as if the interested parties were really there on the spot.

Mag. Nicole Huber Mag. Nicole Huber
Mag. Nicole Huber
Marketing and Public Relations

My passion is to breathe life into the soul of high quality real estate. I contribute to the successful placement of our ,jewels’ with a perfect market presence and a well-thought-out advertising plan.

Traudi Pancis Traudi Pancis
Traudi Pancis
Back office

Helping people find their dream homes is a wonderful task. I make sure that we provide superb service to make our clients feel completely at home.